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Welcome To The New Stone Age With Dramatic Eldorado Stone® Wall Profiles.

The Manufacturer Once Again Transforms Spaces with Four New Wall Designs

Stone has been used on the exterior of homes for centuries and designers today are continuing to incorporate stone on interior spaces—transforming rooms and elevating design appeal. Eldorado Stone®, manufacturer of the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer, now offers even more possibilities for dramatic interior renovations with its four new wall designs including The RusticWall, The StudyWall, The UrbanWall, and The SeasideWall.

Whether designers and consumers are looking to give their space an old-world, contemporary, traditional, or modern feel, they will find a match. The new Eldorado Stone wall options include:
• The SeasideWall – This wall design boasts an old-world quality and stone profile, featuring a cool to warm gray blend, complemented by subtle khaki-greens and olives, chestnut browns, and raw amber.
• The RusticWall – With a color palette of blondes, russet, and cool grays, along with its clean contemporary lines, this wall design is perfect for transforming a bathroom into a spa retreat.
• The StudyWall – This wall design brings classic elegance to any room with the intricate detail of small stones and the appearance of a precision, hand-laid dry-stack set.
• The UrbanWall – This contemporary stone profile, with a balance of weather-worn surface contours and precision-cut stone, complements any style, adding modern warmth and texture.

“Beyond offering architectural stone veneer and brick veneer, we are committed to providing designers and consumers the tools they need to transform interior and outdoor spaces,” says Eldorado Stone Vice President of Marketing and Sales Brent Spann. “From traditional and rustic, to modern and classic, these new stone walls make a dramatic impact on spa bathrooms, master bedrooms, and even studies.”

Eldorado Stone, LLC is headquartered in the San Diego area. It is a subsidiary of Headwaters Incorporated (NYSE: HW), a world leader in creating value through innovative advancements in the utilization of natural resources. Eldorado Stone currently operates manufacturing facilities in several states with regional distribution centers across the U.S. For more information and to view a gallery of beautiful installations, visit www.eldoradostone.com or call 1-800-925-1491 for a free catalog.