Bring Nature Into Your Design with Stone Veneer

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Find Your Expressive Welcoming Bold Natural Stone Look

Every stone and brick are hand-painted piece by piece to help create a seamless transition between the design elements on your project. Our products can be used for exterior, interior, commercial and residential applications. See how we push the boundaries of nature’s creativity.

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Handcrafted Stone & Brick Veneer

Inspiration from nature’s power and creativity is at the core of all our products. Eldorado Stone products are handcrafted with expressive textures and colors to honor the standard set by mother nature herself. We have the stone and brick veneer you need to create the perfect backdrop for your project.

Every idea can be turned into a reality. Humble materials are often all you need to create something beautiful. Plus, you’ll have an unmatched selection of colors, style, and accessories to support your imagination.

Stone Veneer

Our stone veneer looks authentic while having the design flexibility to add personalized character, charm, and charisma to your space.

Brick Veneer

Bring an element of history back to your space with brick veneer that showcases the strength and beauty of nature.


The fine details in stone accents have the potential to turn ordinary projects into extraordinary ones.