Eldorado Stone® Introduces Craftshield at IBS 2011

Eldorado Stone is pleased to announce the launch of CraftShield. It is an easy to apply, breathable, protective treatment product that preserves and safeguards the beauty and artistry of manufactured stone installations from a variety of elements and climates.

The new product will be sold in one or five gallon containers nationwide throughout the network of certified Eldorado Stone dealers and distributors. Each gallon covers approximately 150-200 square feet of stone.

“We created CraftShield to provide a solution for the customers who request a water repellent recommendation,” says Ramsay Hawfield, Director of New Product Development at Eldorado Stone. “We decided to offer the solution ourselves with a formula we have thoroughly tested against our stone for performance and appearance.”

Key Features of CraftShield Include:
1. Water Repellent: Pre-diluted, penetrating, breathable and water- based silane/
siloxane water repellent.
2. Versatile: Designed for use on concrete and most masonry surfaces including Eldorado Stone and Eldorado Brick veneer. Easily applies on new and existing installations.
3. 10-Year Protection: Chemically bonds deep within the stone to help resist staining, spalling, cracking and other damage related to water intrusion.
4. Low VOCs: Low odor and alkaline-stable formula is ideal for both exterior and interior applications.
5. Won’t Change the Look: Goes on wet and dries invisible to the eye within a few minutes.
The use of CraftShield protects not only the stone surface, but also the grout/mortar, which can equate to 30 percent of a standard grouted installation. The product gains its water repellency within 72 hours once applied. Best of all, CraftShield will not alter or change the appearance or beauty of Eldorado Stone because it is completely invisible once dry.

Eldorado Stone, LLC is headquartered in San Marcos, CA. It is a subsidiary of Headwaters Incorporated – (NYSE: HW); HW is focused on improving lives through innovative advancements in construction materials. Eldorado Stone currently operates manufacturing facilities in several states with regional distribution centers across the U.S. For more information and to view a gallery of beautiful installations, visit www.eldoradostone.com or call 1-800-925-1491 for free catalogs.


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