Create A Backyard Oasis In A Fraction Of The Time

Eldorado Stone® will proudly showcase another customized configuration of an outdoor living space at IBS with the use of Eldorado Outdoor—one of the company’s most progressive new product lines. For every homeowner who dreams of a luxury outdoor kitchen—that entertaining enclave defined in the beauty of brick or stone—there’s the very real and intimidating prospect of actually creating it. Such custom installations have always translated to substantial investments in time, cost, materials, and labor—until now. With Eldorado Outdoor, Eldorado Stone makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a luxury backyard space within days, with outdoor cabinets that are easy for any contractor (or experienced DIYer) to use, and then dress with any of the authentic stone profiles offered by Eldorado Stone.
Eldorado Outdoor cabinets come in a variety of sizes and quickly assemble into custom barbecue islands, kitchen counters, bars, fireplaces, fire pits and more. Eldorado Outdoor allows you to create beautiful and authentic masonry outdoor spaces in less than half the time compared to traditional building techniques. Compared to CMU block, you can create the same size kitchen with Eldorado Outdoor in one day vs. seven days and require only two people for the installation vs. four people. Even cut outs for custom features such as barbecues, sinks, drawers and burners can be done on site, allowing customers to have limitless options when selecting their appliances and accessories.
Eldorado Outdoor components are made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, eliminating the need for concrete foundations, masonry blocks, or any of the mess, waste, and time associated with traditional installations. “Eldorado Outdoor marks the total reinvention of how elegant retreats are created,” observes Brent Spann, Vice President of Marketing for Eldorado Stone. “An L-shaped island that would normally take 56 hours of labor can now be done in just eight.”
The Eldorado Outdoor product line is currently available through the increasing Eldorado Outdoor network of more than 150 national dealer locations.

Eldorado Stone, LLC is headquartered in San Marcos, CA. It is a subsidiary of Headwaters Incorporated – (NYSE: HW); HW is focused on improving lives through innovative advancements in construction materials. Eldorado Stone currently operates manufacturing facilities in several states with regional distribution centers across the U.S.


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