Landmark Library Features Beautiful Blend of Glass and Stone

Panoramic views and state-of-the-art technology are what visitors will find at the new Temecula Library built on a hilltop overlooking this growing suburban community in Southern California.

Approximately 32,000-square-feet, this award-winning library is a tribute to the natural history of the valley and incorporates a variety of elements that create an unforgettable experience to all those who visit. The design team of LPA, Inc. an architectural firm in Irvine, California, was initially commissioned by the City of Temecula in 1998 to identify the best site for the project. Extensive research and thoughtful detail went into every aspect of its location and design, and finally, in mid-December, 2006, the library opened its doors to the public.

The Temecula Valley, or “Valley of the Filtered Light” as the Indians called it, is known for its granite quarries, hot-air balloon and wine festivals, and the highly influential heritage of the Pechanga Indian tribe.

“To honor the unique history of this area, we created a history walkway that leads you to the library from the parking lot and provides information reflecting the days of the early Indians that inhabited the region all the way to the recent incorporation of the city, says Jim Wirick, principal at LPA, Inc. “When one reaches the doors of the library is where you leave the known history behind and you cross the threshold from the past to a place where you can create your own future.”

“We’re extremely proud of this building,” says Bill McAteer, Construction Manager for the City. “The library has become a beacon of learning in our community and is the most technologically advanced library in the entire state of California. It offers Wifi throughout and 43 public access computers,” he explains.

The design of the library is based on a cathedral spine that divides the library into three main sections – to the left of the spine are administrative areas, meeting rooms and reading positions. To the right is a children’s library. A large community room with a massive, 40-foot fireplace is found in the heart of the library that creates a focal point and natural gathering place for visitors. An inspiration garden with a water feature opens up off the children’s area creating another appealing space for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

The north side of the building is all glass with views that reach 20 miles. To complement and balance the use of glass, more than 10,000 square-feet of Eldorado Stone’s Manzanita Cliffstone profile was used throughout the library. Eldorado Stone is found on the fireplace, on accent walls inside the library as well as on the front entry and on battered exterior walls that dramatically angle back.

“We originally considered natural stone, but we liked the look we achieved with Eldorado and it saved us a lot of money,” says McAteer. “It blended beautifully with the hillside and gave us exactly the look we wanted,”

“Our goal in using Eldorado was to find a stone that could replicate the type of stone found naturally in the area, but in an economical fashion that could be used today,” says Wirick. “The budget laughed at using real stone.”

Wirick’s experience with manufactured stone goes back more than 10 years ago when he used Eldorado Stone on the Mission Viejo Library his firm designed. A manufactured stone is often the ideal choice for projects with limited budgets because it is typically half the cost of natural stone, lighter weight and more readily available. Eldorado Stone has manufacturing plants across the country and a network of certified distributors that builders and architects can work with directly to best meet their needs.

“We’re honored that our stone was selected for this prestigious project,” says Brent Spann, Vice President of Marketing for Eldorado Stone. “The textural look and feel of stone adds a timeless sense of beauty to any space and it’s gratifying to know that so many people will enjoy this library and all the attention to detail that went into creating such a welcoming place to learn.”

Eldorado Stone Profile Featured: Manzanita Cliffstone
Builder: EDGE Development, Inc., Temecula, CA
Architect: LPA, Inc., Irvine, CA
Interior Designer: LPA, Inc., Irvine, CA (Designer – Chris Lentz)
Mason: Premier Tile and Marble Co., Monterey Park, CA
Phone: 323-264-4009

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