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Parmenter Homes

Creating a Long-Term Partnership with Eldorado Stone

It’s a rarity to find the level of quality and beauty in homes that are designed and built by implementing true, Old World craftsmanship. But that’s exactly what Custom Home Builder Todd Parmenter and his team does every day at Parmenter Homes, Inc. Since opening its doors in the early 1990’s, Parmenter has earned a reputation as one of the Northwest’s premiere builders. They specialize in traditional homes that are designed and built at the highest caliber. Each one features timeless design and classical, textural elements such as shingle siding, shutters, heavy trim work on walls and ceilings, the use of fine hardwoods, massive fireplaces, and an extensive use of stone – all of which have become part of the signature style of the company.

When it comes to selecting stone for their award-winning homes, Eldorado is the stone product of choice. “Eldorado is the right fit for us for several reasons,” says Parmenter. “We’ve had a very good working relationship since day one. We prefer to work with them because the stone has such a natural and realistic look compared to other products we’ve seen. In all the years we’ve used Eldorado, we’ve never had any issues with it because it holds up so well.”

“What I like about Eldorado is that it’s consistent. There isn’t a waste factor as you can have with natural stone. As a builder, we don’t like to waste anything, including time. It’s readily available to us, where other products can be hard to get. From a construction scheduling standpoint, it’s ideal because it’s much quicker and easier to install, especially when it comes to chimney work where scaffolding and stacking are factors.”

“We’ve also found that many of our clients initially request natural stone,” he says. “But once they take a look at our projects up close and realize we’re using Eldorado, they appreciate the cost savings. They also don’t sacrifice any of the beauty or believability by using Eldorado.”

Since 2003, Parmenter has consistently won “Best of Show” and other awards including two Silvers in the “Best in America Living Awards” sponsored by the NAHB for their homes in the renowned Seattle Street of Dreams program.

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