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It was a mutual love of Italy, specifically the Tuscan countryside, that inspired renowned architect Mark Scheurer and his wife, Jane, to build their dream home in a simplistic, but elegant style reminiscent of a centuries old Italian farmhouse. The rustic, yet sophisticated 3,450 square foot home in southern California is a stunning example of how the right design can overcome obstacles to create a beautiful and comfortable environment. In this case, Scheurer’s challenge was to bring light, air, and an indoor/outdoor feeling into the home while preserving privacy. He also wanted to ensure that the home had good scale and detail despite the limited 40’ x 100’ lot.

The use of stone was a predominant element throughout the design. Scheurer used 2,800 square feet of a custom blend of Eldorado’s Veneto Fieldledge and Hillstone profiles applied with an overgrout technique to bring a sense of ageless authenticity and textural beauty to the home. Another 500 square feet was used in the interior to create a dramatic focal point of exposed stone in the living room. Large, arching windows open up the living room bringing in needed light. Upstairs, the master bedroom maintains the rustic, Italian country feel with the same exposed stone walls that reach the beamed ceiling above. An antique wooden canopy bed reinforces the bucolic, simplistic design, transporting you to another time and place.

“We are in a neighborhood that wants only real products to be used in home construction,” says Scheurer. “Most CC&R’s were written 20 years ago when manufactured products were frowned upon. I had no problem obtaining approval for using Eldorado Stone and that says a lot in terms of its beauty and believability. Nobody has ever thought it wasn’t anything but real.”

“Eldorado is making a lot of progress showing how one can use their stone in a variety of ways to make it look better than real,” he says. “Custom color blends and profiles give architects and designers more options when trying to create just the right look. We experimented too, and now it appears as if there is a solid wall of stone that can be seen right through the doors and windows. We’re very pleased with the overall look of our home and we know that our use of Eldorado Stone helped us achieve exactly what we wanted.”

Eldorado Stone Profile Featured: Veneto Fieldledge and Custom Hillstone with an overgrout technique
Architect: Scheurer Architects, Newport Beach, CA
Builder: RS Construction Company, Corona del Mar, CA

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