2012 Sunset Idea House features Eldorado Stone®

Eldorado Stone®, manufacturer of the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer, is proud to have a showcase presence in the 2012 Sunset Idea House, a Blu Home Breezehouse in Healdsburg, California. Set in the heart of California wine country, the Breezehouse would not be complete without a wine cellar—the perfect place to feature the clean lines and elegant design of Eldorado Stone® Oyster Cut Coarse Stone.

The Breezehouse is no ordinary home. It is an affordable yet upscale modular home that is not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly. With a variety of modules available, it is highly customizable and can be transported in a standard cargo container, dropped on site and unfolded into its chosen placement in as little as one day. Built in a state-of-the-art facility using proprietary steel framing technology, the homes require lower maintenance, and are much stronger than conventional construction. Eldorado Stone® is a wonderful complement to Blu Homes, sharing the goals of affordability, adaptability and ease of construction.

Eldorado Stone® offers a variety of stone veneer in Western Regional profiles that capture the distinctive colors of this diverse landscape. The crisp look and subtle profile of Cut Coarse Stone adds depth and natural warmth to modern design.

“The Blu Home Breezehouse has a natural aesthetic that ties together indoor and outdoor living,” said Eldorado Stone Vice President of Marketing Brent Spann. “We are excited to have Oyster Cut Coarse Stone as an addition to the integrated wine cellar which will further accentuate the flow of this modern design.”


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